Since the beginning of time, man has made monsters. We love monsters. Why? Good question. First they may have been a warning: be good or the monsters and demons will destroy you. Then we began to pity them – beings cursed by another: Frankenstein, werewolves, vampires, etc. We had to destroy them in the end, but we felt sorry for them. Now we want to become them. Edward, Jacob, Bella, Henry, Stefan, Damon, Aidan, Josh, Nora, and the list goes on and on. Such fascination in the paranormal leads us to wonder if we have become more like those monsters or just more accepting of our own monsters within.

Of course, since we made them up, we can control them and how human they are. They aren’t real. But what if they were. My writing centers on the ancient legend of Lilith, the first wife of Adam. First, let me say, I am very religious. That is probably why I started writing about Lilith. The legend makes Lilith, Adam, and God out to be very petty. I do not believe God is petty. Believe what you will: I’m not trying to convert anyone. I’m a writer. But personally, I couldn’t swallow it. So I asked myself. “What if the legend were true – to a degree? What if Lilith existed and became the first vampire? How could that have happened without Adam and God being misogynists?” Out of those questions came a wonderful story that I have loved crafting, my beta readers have loved reading, and Lilith has been dying to tell.

So, while I go through the excruciatingly fantastic process of birthing the series, I’m going to share the world of vampires, horror, and historical fantasy with you. Hope you love it!
This is Lilith’s Home. Here you will be able to access everything about Lilith’s World as I make it available. This will even include the legends that Lilith hates. I will be putting up timelines of her history, news articles that I incorporated into her story, poetry, heroic legends of other characters whose lives merged with hers, and a Q&A page where your questions can be answered. Let me know if you would like to see something and I can add it.

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If you want to delve into the Legend of Lilith, a great launching place is my Lilith’s World page where you will find lots of fun links.