Nebraska Writer’s Guild Conference 2014

This weekend was a shot in the arm. NWG held it’s Spring Conference at Mahoney State Park with over 100 writers present. We were treated to four wonderful speakers: Kelly O’Connor – editor from Harper Voyager and HarperCollins – who discussed how Harper (one of the “Big 5” publishing houses) is adapting to the rise of popularity of eBooks; C. Hope Clark – Author and editor for – who discussed means of making an income as a writer; Harley Jane Kozak – Actress and Mystery Author – who told about her life in Hollywood and her transition between acting and writing; and Pilar Alessandra – director of the “On The Page” writing program – who discussed editing screenplays.

All were wonderful although I particularly enjoyed laughing with Harley Kozak! Kelley O’Connor’s information was especially useful to me. I also had the opportunity to chat with Kelley for a few minutes and appreciate her support and offer to give feedback on my writing.

This was a wonderful experience and I am ready to get back down to my writing. My love is refreshed and my heart renewed. It is time again. Ready, set, go!