All things, except Lilith of course, do die. Hence, it is my sad duty to announce that my WordPress theme was mortally wounded by the latest WordPress upgrade. Aptly named the “My Life” theme, its last moments were plagued with hit counters gone astray and then mysteriously returned to normal, disappearing submit buttons silencing comments, sidebars forced to the bottom of the page, and many other frightening ailments. I discovered I was not alone as other WordPress users who were fond of their elderly themes watched similar illnesses plague their loved ones.
Finally, I faced the inevitable and said goodbye to “My Life.” I searched and searched, looking for something to replace the emptiness in my website. I am finally settled on a new theme, but I am not in love. Maybe someday. I found myself customizing my new friend, changing it, trying to remake it in “My Life’s” image. I shouldn’t. I know. But change is hard. Can you help me? Give me hope? Suggestions? I can change – really I can. Just leave a comment in the box that hopefully works now. Yeah, that might work.