Like Part of the Family
Like Part of the Family Book Cover Like Part of the Family
Jonathan Maberry
3 August 2011

Meet Sam Hunter. Ex-cop, low-rent private investigator working the back-streets of Philadelphia. Sam has issues—personal and psychological—but he’s good at what he does. When a beautiful blond from the Main Line hires him to protect her from her gangster ex-husband, Sam thinks it’s going to be a by-the-numbers gig. He’s wrong. David Skye is far more than a criminal –he’s an actual monster. Everyone is afraid of him. They should be. Everyone…except Sam, who brings a whole new kind of ‘mean’ to the mean streets. Things are about to get messy.

I had the opportunity of meeting Jonathan. In fact, it was Jonathan who inspired me to start my website. Thanks, Jonathan! For those who don’t know him, he writes zombies, monsters, graphic novels, more zombies, and non-fiction books about zombies (see my review of Zombie CSU). While I am not a huge zombie fan, I fell absolutely in love with this gem of Jonathan’s. (different monster – lol) Fun, well-written, surprises but ones with foreshadowing – the kind that make you hit your head and say “Duh, I should have seen that coming!” No deus ex machina here. Just plain good writing.