They Thirst
They Thirst Book Cover They Thirst
Robert McCammon

Prince Vulkan, master of the vampires, has loosed his army of the undead on Los Angeles. Vulkan's plan is to replace humankind, city by city, with the living dead. Four people stand in his way. Homicide detective Andy Palatazin, a Hungarian immigrant who fled this scourge as a child, is determined to stop it now. Young Tommy Chandler, whose parents were killed before his eyes, wants revenge. TV star Wes Richer hopes to save his beloved by tracking Vulkan to his lair. Father Silvera, a dying priest, believes that God has chosen him to destroy the vampire prince. Wreaking death and carnage, Vulkan proceeds to a final confrontation between the forces of good and evil.

I have to state up front that this is probably an incredible book for guys. It was not to my liking. There is NO doubt of Robert McCammon’s talent. However, I found that for at least 1/2 of the book, each new chapter made me stop and try to remember who these particular characters were. Some had been missing from the story for many chapters and I frankly had forgotten about them. The book is very episodic with each chapter following different people – not just the main four humans or the vampires. I recommend a piece of paper and a pen and a quick jot down of the names and basic description of the characters with each new chapter. It will save some frustration for those whose memories are as Swiss-cheesed as mine. My second problem was that it seemed excruciatingly slow for 2/3 of the book. The last third (because I hung on determined to finish) was very interesting but the first part seemed to take forever. My last comment may not affect many people, but I don’t love profanity. In fact it really turns me off. Maybe I live in a very different world, but I actually hear it very little… and I taught college… and high school. Yet it seems like most authors feel that it validates their characters. So I didn’t enjoy the profanity, and honestly the sections that were most powerful had very little profanity. I wonder why that was? The end made the book worth the read and I will say – as far as vampire novels I’ve read go: THIS WAS THE FIRST TRUE HORROR STORY.