Blood Bank
Blood Bank Book Cover Blood Bank
Blood Books
Tanya Huff
DAW Hardcover

A collection of stories featuring the love triangle of Vicki Nelson, a homicide cop; former partner Mike Celluci; and vampire Henry Fitzroy, illegitimate son of Henry VIII and romance writer, as they solve supernatural mysteries.

  • "This Town Ain't Big Enough"
  • "What Manner of Man"
  • "The Cards Also Say"
  • "The Vengeful Spirit of Lake Nepeakea"
  • "Someone to Share the Night"
  • "Another Fine Nest"
  • "Scleratus"
  • "Critical Analysis"
  • "So This Is Christmas"

Tanya Huff delights with a selection of tales from the past and present of Henry and Vicki. I love short stories. Ideally, you can keep them at your bedside and read a quick one at night before falling asleep. I don’t live in the ideal. I’m compulsive. I tend to keep reading and keep reading. I think I read all of these in the bathtub. Oh well.