The Burning Men
The Burning Men Book Cover The Burning Men
Nathaniel Cade - The President's Vampire
Christopher Farnsworth
Vampire Fiction
February 11, 2014

A man stands up in a crowded movie theater. A moment later, everything is burning. When the smoke clears and the bodies are removed, there is no trace of any bomb, or device, or even a matchstick. There's just the corpse of one man, a statue in ash, with an obscene grin still upon his charred skull.  Nothing human could have done this.

Finally a follow-up! Yes, it is only a short story. Yes, it is only 52 pages. But when you waited and waited to hear more about Cade and Zach, even 52 pages is welcome. I think one of the things I love about Chris’s writing is that these are action stories with a vampire that is not moping. He is the hero but he doesn’t pretend to be good.