The President's Vampire
The President's Vampire Book Cover The President's Vampire
Nathaniel Cade - The President's Vampire
Christopher Farnsworth
April 28, 2011

For 140 years, vampire Nathaniel Cade has been bound to protect and serve the United States of America. When an ancient evil is resurrected, the President's Vampire and his human handler, Zach Barrows, must track down its source. The prime suspect is a shady private defense contractor who may be dealing with powers far deadlier than any mortal weapon. So it's up to Cade and Zach to drag the forces of darkness into the light...

I was happy to learn more about Cade in this book although there are still unanswered questions for the third book to broach. Farnsworth has built a consistent lore around Cade: no twinkling. Farnsworth crafts very tight tales. Nothing is missing and I believe he will answer our questions. Without giving away too much, this book faces the hard questions (directly and metaphorically) of how humans become monsters. Still an excellent book but had more profanity than the first.