Wuthering Bites
Wuthering Bites Book Cover Wuthering Bites
Sarah Gray
Kensington Books

As Heathcliff, the son of a vampire slayer and vampire, roams the moors to protect his love, Catherine Earnshaw, from the undead, Catherine must choose between a life of danger and marriage to Edgar.

My rating of this book is based solely on it being included in this genre. This is not a horror book. This is not funny. When you look at the title Wuthering Bites, you assume that this is a spoof of Wuthering Heights. You expect vampire action. You don’t get either. Yes, there are vampires in the story. They are basically the background. But this is not a spoof. You could call it a mashup… of sorts. Still, the story line stays true to the spirit of Wuthering Heights more than to any vampire folklore.