Deep State by Christopher Farnsworth
Deep State Book Cover Deep State
Nathaniel Cade
Christopher Farnsworth

It’s been four years since a new president ascended to the White House. Zach Barrows has not seen Nathaniel Cade, the President’s Vampire, since being fired from his position as Cade’s handler and sent to a small, cramped office in a government building in Nebraska.

Once, he and Cade fought a shadow war against the monsters, spies, and demons that threatened the United States. Now Zach pushes papers and listens to conspiracy theories from people who have no idea how dark the real world can get.

Then Zach is summoned to the Situation Room by President Lester Wyman, who is both the commander-in-chief and a possible traitor.

But he and Cade are bound to follow Wyman’s orders. They are told to find out why a top-secret missile silo has gone offline. If they fail, a nuclear warhead will launch, and the world will die in a hail of fire.

In other words, it’s just another night on the job.

After a long absence, Cade and Zach are back in action together — for what might be the last time.


I was delighted that Chris Farnsworth came out with another Cade novella. I am reviewing this under the condition that NO ONE BLAMES ME. You see, the novella is not for sale. It was available for a short while – if you pre-ordered Flashmob. However, that offer has expired. I don’t know WHEN it will be available for purchase, however, beg Farnsworth so you can have the opportunity of reading this one.

I found an interesting evolution in Deep State, both for Cade and for the author himself. Without revealing too much, in the past four years Cade has gone through two major changes that have radically affected our hero. The why for the changes reflects a lost anchor for Cade that I would love to discuss with the author.

The book has a few interesting appendices:

  • A) Timeline of Events in American History (highlighting paranormal events includings some involving Cade);
  • B) Cade vs. the Bloody Benders (an event from 1873); and
  • C) Crypto Sapies: A report by the Nightmare Pet Working Group (an encyclopedia of the “Other Side.”