The Vampire Chronicles TV Series

Well, I loved getting the Twitter that the first script is done. Looks like the show is a reality in the making. Get more info and links and learn about Anne & Christopher Rice’s call for suggestions on who should play Lestat at my Vampire Chronicles TV Series page.

It’s Alive!

After great tragedy, and a NUKE, the site is resurrected. You may notice the header picture still has not been replaced. Please forgive. That is the least of my concerns. There has been a Major revamp as an entire new theme was required, along with digging up the information from several sources including a corrupted database. But Lilith is resilient and she lives again. I am in progress of re-adding the book reviews so please forgive duplicates as none of the old links work.

Please browse the new setup. It is greatly streamlined and should resolve the problems that popped up before. While I have to redo all of the reviews, the wonderful interviews were NOT lost.

Seasons Greetings

Worlds can change within moments.

When you write a book, one moment you can kill off a character. A few days later, you may rewrite and allow the character to live. Or it might go the other way. This happened with me last month. I killed a character and then my sisters convinced me that Lilith needed to show more humanity up front. So with a stroke of the pen, I changed her path.

Real life can change as quickly.

I spent Christmas Eve at my sister’s house so I would be there Christmas morning. 2:30 AM my sister’s heart broke as her beloved husband went home to spend Christmas Day with the Savior. My pen couldn’t change anything. As a writer, I control the world. As a sister, all I could do was hold her and cry with her and her family. No eraser, no delete key.

This week our family is gathering around in love. For 44 years my sister and brother-in-law were one person. Now they are separated for awhile. Nothing I could write would ever be as poignant. No love story as deep. No catharsis as whole.

My niece asked me today if I missed her father. Yes. I do. He could be a character. He could rile you up. He could touch your heart. He was a wonderfully complex character that appears in the best books.

He made me a cane to help me walk, a journal to keep thoughts in (designed for a vampire since that is what I write about), he taught me about savings and getting out of debt, and he showed me that he loved me by the respect he demonstrated for my teaching and my intelligence and a lot of other things.

Yes, I will miss him.

Rekindling the Fire

People need to eat. Authors need to breathe fire. The creative element needs to burn brightly. The muse blazes until finally it flickers in a hypnotic dance as the words flood onto the page. But once in a while, the author needs to refuel. One way we do that is by gathering together and feeding off each others’ flames.

This year I have fed twice at the font of the muses. Calliope, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, & Erato circled the poets while Melpomene and Thalia focused on the screenwriters and playwrights. Clio wandered between the non-fiction and fiction authors alike. Terpsichore and Urania sprinkled their inspiration around the group when movement or stars caught the authors’ fancy.

The first encounter was in Omaha at the Nebraska Writer’s Guild Spring Conference. It was delightful seeing friends that I had left behind when I moved to Wyoming. Feeling their spirit and listening to the classes and speakers helped rekindle the smoldering coals of my imagination. One of my best experiences was meeting Deidre Knight, agent extraordinaire. Owner of the Knight Agency, Deidre is an absolute delight. Of special interest to me was that she was heading to Italy for the summer. Having lived there, Italy holds a VERY special place in my heart. I will be sending Deidre a few chapters after they come back from the editor. Keeps fingers and arms crossed!

The second was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What a fabulous conference! The only problem was that it is so expensive there, you better not forget to bring your lunch. 🙂

We were treated to the most marvelous classes, speakers, and meeting with agents and writers. I had private meetings with three different published writers and one agent. Their feedback was helpful and got my fire burning at a much higher level. I discovered my book was actually two books. I have now divided the books and rewritten parts of the first book to complete it. This was an amazing experience. Everything suddenly made sense. The agent I met with told me that the book was ready for an editor. What a rush!

I finally had to do something. I had to have faith. It was time to move forward and quit waiting. So with full fire burning, I marched forward into the future, rekindled by the fire.


The Book is Finished.

Your lifeblood bleeds onto the paper. The words flow and it is perfect. Then you start rereading. Version two. Version three. Sometimes you are correct grammar. Version five. Sometimes voice. Version seven. One time I was trying to get rid of all the passives that come from my speaking two foreign languages. I never realized how much they affect my thought pattern.

Ten times. I have written and rewritten this book ten times. Finally, it is ready for an editor. I have awaken with my character telling me, “You forgot! That would give me a headache. Write that down. Headache.”

I owe so much to my writing group. I left them behind in Omaha but they are with me in my heart. “Show, not tell.” I ripped out so much narration and made my character interact. They were lazy and now they live.

The journey isn’t over. It is really just beginning. Now, it is moving forward.

I am a writer. And, by the way, you want to read this book.

Tanya Huff Interview – “Not in My City”

The interview is UP! And considering the barrage on my website today, none to soon. Tanya Huff is one popular author. A few even got a surprise peak because bots found the unlinked page and gave it away. Thanks to all and enjoy. Please leave comments to let Tanya know how loyal her fans are.

Click here for the direct link to the page but be sure to enjoy the whole website.

Tanya Huff Interview

Had a fantastic interview with Tanya Huff yesterday. Don’t expect those short little ones you find on line. We spent almost two hours on all types of topics. She was absolutely delightful!

This interview is for you if you are a fan or an author. There is even some exciting news for fans of her Blood series. (You know Blood Ties.) Although you will still have to be patient.

Hope to have the transcript up today.

Thanks, Tanya!

Tanya Huff Interview Set

Tanya Huff’s Interview will be on July 28 at 1:00 PM EDT. Tanya is the author of the Blood Books, the basis for the television series Blood Ties, The Wizard Crystal series, the Quarters series, the Keeper’s Chronicles series, the Valor Confederation series, the Smoke Trilogy, the Enchantment Emporium series, five printed short story collections, five eCollections, and several stand-alone novels and short stories.

Check out my webpage dedicated to Tanya Huff for information about her. After the interview, the transcript link will be posted on that page.

Questions for Tanya may be submitted through this website or to my twitter account: @JeannieMusick


Tanya Huff – Interview for July 2015

Tanya Huff, the author of the Blood Books, will be my interview for July 2015. The television series Blood Ties was based on the Blood Books. Tanya has also written numerous other fantasy series. As an author, she offers a ripe field for questions. She has steadily produced at least one to two books yearly, managing to write multiple series at the same time. She has sold one series to television and has been involved in its production. She creates worlds.

I will announce the date shortly, however, it will be near the end of July, so please post questions within the next couple of weeks.


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Finally, I faced the inevitable and said goodbye to “My Life.” I searched and searched, looking for something to replace the emptiness in my website. I am finally settled on a new theme, but I am not in love. Maybe someday. I found myself customizing my new friend, changing it, trying to remake it in “My Life’s” image. I shouldn’t. I know. But change is hard. Can you help me? Give me hope? Suggestions? I can change – really I can. Just leave a comment in the box that hopefully works now. Yeah, that might work.

A Special Thank You

As a special thank you for your wonderful support of my website, I am posting the Prologue for my book Lilith: Book of Genesis. It will be up for a limited time. Please enjoy and pass the opportunity on to your friends. Comments are appreciated! Spread the word. Follow me on Facebook and Sign up on my website. But above all, come read the Prologue!

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NWG 2015 Spring Writer’s Conference

Had a fantastic time attending this year’s conference. I had the great pleasure of a short meeting with Deidre Knight from the Knight Agency. She was an absolute delight and answered the burning question for me… what is my genre. *drum rolls please* We shall call it Urban Fantasy. And it was so.

The  good news is that I am beginning work on the second book in the series. Onward!

We had a wonderful speaker on the Author’s Platform. It really helped clarify a great deal and hopefully lit a fire underneath me. I’ve been working over my site and there is a fun new material here so check it out. My home page has several links that are worth visiting and there is also a form where you can sign up to follow the site.

Nebraska Writer’s Guild Conference 2014

This weekend was a shot in the arm. NWG held it’s Spring Conference at Mahoney State Park with over 100 writers present. We were treated to four wonderful speakers: Kelly O’Connor – editor from Harper Voyager and HarperCollins – who discussed how Harper (one of the “Big 5” publishing houses) is adapting to the rise of popularity of eBooks; C. Hope Clark – Author and editor for – who discussed means of making an income as a writer; Harley Jane Kozak – Actress and Mystery Author – who told about her life in Hollywood and her transition between acting and writing; and Pilar Alessandra – director of the “On The Page” writing program – who discussed editing screenplays.

All were wonderful although I particularly enjoyed laughing with Harley Kozak! Kelley O’Connor’s information was especially useful to me. I also had the opportunity to chat with Kelley for a few minutes and appreciate her support and offer to give feedback on my writing.

This was a wonderful experience and I am ready to get back down to my writing. My love is refreshed and my heart renewed. It is time again. Ready, set, go!