Christopher Farnsworth Interview and Audio Posted

The Interview and Audio from Christopher Farnsworth’s Interview have both been posted. Thanks for the patience and understanding while I was sick. The interview is really interesting. Chris is a fascinating and intelligent individual. Be sure and turn in to find out what is behind Nathaniel Cade and to get some gets tips for authors.

Christopher Farnsworth Interview available

My interview with Christopher Farnsworth is available in audio now. The transcript will be available by Saturday evening. The wait is worth it. We had a great interview both for vampire fans and for writers. He had great insight and advice for new writers as well as fascinating insight into the world of Nathaniel Cade – The President’s Vampire. So go on and hear what he has to say. And be sure to pick up his books. Cause we tried REALLY hard to leave out the spoilers.

“Garden of Eden” Contest



So, Do You See What I See? Chapter 1 is available to read. How vivid is my world? Here is the contest.

“Garden of Eden” Contest



  • Read Chapter 1.
  • Create an artwork of Lilith in the Garden of Eden based on my description. Emphasis is on the Garden.
  • No frontal nudity.
  • August 8, 2013
  • Voting online from August 10 – 15, 2013
  • First Place: 16”x20” Canvas artists wrap of winning artwork and inclusion in Lilith Art Gallery on website. Value – $350
  • Second Place: 16”x20” print of artwork and inclusion in Lilith Art Gallery on website. Value – $181
  • Third Place: Inclusion in Lilith Art Gallery on website.
Send Submission to:

Christopher Farnsworth

Mr. Farnsworth’s interview is set for July 26th. Questions for Mr. Farnsworth should be submitted by July 24th. His books are a great read so take the opportunity now and get your questions ready. Warning notice: Red, White and Blood has a lot of profanity and sex. I have lots of questions for Mr. Farnsworth. I’m sure you will too.

Geraint Wyn Davies Audio is UP

I finally have a good recording of the audio up on the website. I hope you enjoy it. Mr. Wyn Davies has a wonderful personality that comes through even with the Canadian/United States border in between. Be aware that the recording is LARGE and takes a while to load!

“And That Fresh Blood” – Geraint Wyn Davies Interview

Finally I have the interview page finished. Geraint was a delight to visit with and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. Because he has such a wonderful personality, I will be posting the actual audio. However, it will take me a few days to be able to do that. I’m not sure of the date, but I will have it up by July 9th at the latest. We just had so much fun, the interview went on a lot longer than I realized.

Thanks again to Geraint Wyn Davies! Please leave comments so he can see them.

Update on Geraint Wyn Davies Interview!

I’m learning just how long an hour interview is! I’ve been working madly on the transcription. I’m only halfway done but you deserve something for waiting so I am posting what is finished. The audio will take a few more days as it needs some cleanup. Don’t worry. Mr. Wyn Davis came through loud and clear. For some reason my phone didn’t pick me up very loud and the questions are very difficult to hear. I am working on enhancing the audio and will post it as soon as I can. I will finish the transcription before I complete the audio. I can’t promise tomorrow (because I have to work) but I will try.

Thanks for your patience. It was a fun interview and I hope you enjoy it.

Progress Lilith: Book of Genesis


I’ve completed the rewrites on Chapter One and so far the Beta Readers seem to really like it.

The website is also expanding and I really need feedback. Please take the time to leave comments. Do you like what you are seeing? Would you like to see more or something different? Do you know of other sources? Do you disagree?

Please share links with everyone! Thanks for your support!

New Information on Lilith

Lots of new information on Lilith as an Immortal Demon and Lilith as the Original of the Lullaby! Links, pictures, translations. Lots of fun stuff. Come get caught up on everything my Lilith would absolutely hate!


Beta Readers

Well, I have finished the rewrite of Chapter One. Thanks to everyone who has given feedback. I am now asking for some final beta readers for this chapter. If you are interested please go to:

There are two versions. After Lilith and the animal go to find Adam, they are identical. I particularly want feedback about which beginning you find stronger. The page gives links to both versions and to a questionnaire. Please read version one all the way through and then version two up to where they go to find Adam. Then fill out the survey.

Thank you for your help!