Most of you know Geraint Wyn Davies as Nick Knight from Forever Knight.
However, he has had a rich career in theatre, television, and film for the last 35+ years.

I laughed, I cried. It moved me Bob.
~ Veggie Tales

After spending an hour with Geraint Wyn Davies, this Veggie Tales quote means a lot more to me. This was a delightful interview and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Geraint Wyn Davies Interview – “And that Fresh Blood”


Audio of the Interview

Mr. Wyn Davies has a sparkling personality. Now you can enjoy the audio of the interview for yourself. It is VERY large so be warned that it takes a while. All material is protected and may not be used without Mr. Wyn Davies and Miss Musick’s permission.


One reader made me aware of a site that has some recordings that you will truly enjoy, whether you love horror readings or poetry. These were not posted by Mr. Wyn Davies and I do not know how long they will be available.

Geraint Wyn Davies readings

Geraint Wyn Davies Links

Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club Website
Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club Facebook Page
Geraint Wyn Davies IMDB
Geraint Wyn Davies Productions

I’ve listed many of Mr. Wyn Davies’ credits by year just to show how very busy he has been! Unfortunately my editor kept messing up my formatting so I am linking this page to a pdf file. If you have a problem viewing it, please download the Adobe PDF Reader from for free.


9 thoughts on “Geraint Wyn Davies

  1. i have a few questions about the series ending.

    Why did the writers feel they had to “kill off” all the characters in the manner they chose?
    here’s kinda a refresher:

    -Nick tried to turn Natalie & she fell as if dead, but maybe she was still alive & able to be transformed
    -Nick asked Lacroix to kill him b/c she was dead, but it was never SHOWN that Lacroix speared him b/c the scene faded to black before then
    -Jeanette became human & nearly died in a fire, but it was hinted that she drank blood from one of the firemen & survived .

    second question: favorite episodes. there has to be more than one.

    third question: what were the other possible titles to the forever knight series?

        1. Alright, how did you guess? And the winner is Matt Story who, by the way, played the vampire Aiden in my production of Which? in Louisiana. Now Matt, what gave it away in only those three clues? I’m really curious. Yes, our June interview will be with Geraint Wyn Davies. Now just what am I going to get for you as a prize? You already have fangs. lol.

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