Kyle Schmid

Kyle Schmid entered the world of film when he was twelve and was cast as “sick boy” in the Canadian film Virus. But he was already used to the camera’s eye as he had been doing commercials and modeling even before that. As Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties, he played the bastard son of Henry the VIII, born in 1519. Fitzroy died at the age of 17 leaving a very young vampire for Tanya Huff’s books and Kyle Schmid’s performance. And we loved every minute of his boyish charm combined with his nearly 500 years of experience.

 Interview – A Kyle of Two Henrys

Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties) and Henry Dunham (Being Human)


So this month we will meet the Kyle of two Henrys. Blood Ties meets Being Human. Henry Fitzroy vs. Henry Durham.

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