Jeannie’s Inferno

Welcome to my own personal Inferno.

This page is dedicated to the process of writing my book and getting it published. I thought you might enjoy the journey with me.

First let me explain the title.

In Dante’s Inferno (the first part of his epic poem La Divina Commedia), Dante is guided by the Roman poet Virgil down through the nine circles of Hell. Now when we talk about horror writers, we think in more modern terms; but none of us have anything on the raw horror of Dante Alighieri! Granted to get the full impact, you really need to read it in its original Italian. Still Project Gutenberg has a translated version that is pretty good. Just remember that it is a poem – don’t translate that to poetry and flowers – and a little harder to follow since it was written in the 14th century. Still if you were to give it a “Chill” factor or any other horror rating – well let’s just say there is cannibalism, evisceration, torture – I’d give it top marks.

La Divina Commedia – Project Gutenberg




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