As an author, I look at life through unique lenses. This section of my website is dedicated to my life in words. You can find information about my vampire novel “Night Falls in the Garden,” and my social fantasy play “Which?” I have included a few of my Short Autobiographical Stores. While they are autobiographical and therefore true, I am prone to tongue-in-cheek and the occasional exaggeration. However, other than the number of suitcases, etc., I assure you, the stories are actually all true. Life really is that funny. “Bourne Mistaken-identity” takes place in Europe with my ever-adventurous mother, my “much younger” sister (Mata Hari), and me. “Robin Hood – Princess of Thieves” is a fun misadventure in England that occurred when I was stationed there in the Air Force. It could well have started another American Revolution. Finally, “Titanic Nights” is a Roman/Greek adventure filled with every how not-to-travel ever conceived. You can even see my more poetic side here.

Night Falls in the Garden


Life is but a Stage: Short Biographical Stories


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