Meet some of the characters from the book. I’m listing the more important ones first. If anyone with artistic talent would like to submit their interpretation based on the following, I’ll be glad to post them. If they inspire me, and the artist wants to offer the work, I’ll be glad to put them on the website. Any that jump out at me and say “That’s Me!” I’ll arrange a prize in exchange for the right to use them. Let’s say a canvas print?


Lilith – As a human Lilith has auburn hair and blue eyes. Her body is well-developed, between 28 and 32 years by our time. She is a little shorter than Adam, probably around 5’5″. She loves the cool, quiet peace of the night. She loves staring at the stars and feeling the kiss of the evening breezes. The heat of the day makes her want to stretch out and sleep. She is very aware of all the sensations around her. She loves the animals and can almost communicate with them. She feels a part of nature.
As a vampire, she has an unnatural, translucent paleness. She learns quickly and is very gifted in music and dance. She learns metal crafting and woodworking as trades over the years.

Adam – First Husband of Lilith. He has deep, brown eyes, a wide grin, jet black hair, and is (as Lilith states) very pleasant to look at. His body is also very well-developed, between 28 and 32 years by our time and a little taller than Lilith, probably around 5’9″. He prefers the warmth and energy of the day. He loves climbing trees and wrestling with the beasts. He is intelligent, sweet, and kind, full of energy and curiosity. As and old man his hair is pure white and his beard comes to his mid-chest. His face and hands are lined with deep wrinkles. His skin is sallow with age and his hands are misshapen and body is stooped so that he is now the same height as Lilith. His eyes are the same as always.

Lucifer – In human form, he appears graceful and sensual. He is taller than Adam, around 6′ and has light brown hair and grey eyes that pierce.

Awan – She is Lilith’s first friend after the Garden of Eden. Slightly tallen than Lilith, she look older than Lilith when they meet. She has very long, light brown hair that extends past her knees, although she normally keep it up. She has grey eyes that both twinkle with her wit and intelligence yet show the exhaustion of her hard life. She laughs a lot yet there is an edge to her because of the harshness of her life. She is gentle to others and especially to her baby.

Mahalal – (May change to Mahalaleel) Man of great strength. Hair is dark blond and eyes are hazel. Has a full beard. His eyes are piercing. Tower of light and strength who is both gentle and commanding. A Patriarch.

Cainan – Second Husband of Lilith. The Grandson of Mahalal. He has dark blond hair and hazel eyes that look into your soul. He is between 20 and 30 which is very young in his day. He is clean-shaven with a smile that permeates his whole being. He is taller than Mahalal. Becomes the second vampire.

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