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August 12, 2013

I was privileged to read Lilith as it was being written. As Jeannie produced each chapter, she would pass it along to me and then I would pass it along to my friend. We were hooked. It was like waiting for new episodes of your favorite show to come out. Lilith is a well engaging story with a plot that weaves in and out of fiction and historical fact. I was completely invested in the characters from the introduction and loved being taken through all of Lilith’s adventures and trials. I can not recommend Lilith enough.

Erika Rebstock

July 2008

Dear Jeannie,

Your book was absolutely outstanding. I enjoyed every page because something was happening on each one. Your descriptions were incredible! I could feel and see everything that you were describing as if I were there. The story line was so good that I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. There were a lot of different characters which made for a really good book because they all had their own story whether it was good or bad. You portrayed them all so well. It had a love story in it which you might not think of in this kind of book but it worked so well. It was really exciting to watch all these things happening. I thought the ending was very good and was not disappointed at all. I can see where there could easily be another book to trace more years of Lilith’s life or I can be totally content with it ending the way you left it. This book has to be published or so many people or going to sorely miss out. I read a lot of books and some I don’t stay with as much as others. There was no problem with your book. I believe you are very talented and somebody will recognize that. It has to published!! I loved it.


Carol Brimhall

I would love it if you would keep me posted on how it is doing.

Sunday, August 12, 2007 – Sharp Spiels Scripting the Saga blog

Speaking of hot….

I’ve been privileged to help proof-read/edit a manuscript for a new novel. It kills me that I can’t talk about the novel with anyone! The story is great, the characters well developed, the historical accuracy (apart from the fictional characters) right on. *sigh* It sucks to have something great and not be able to share it. But once the book is published…. I hope the author continues to write, and continues to allow me a sneak peek. I love it!