Not Alone

Not Alone

Jeannie Musick

When the soul cries out from loneliness
And darkness gathers round its breast
‘Tis but an illusion, its peace to distress
That tells the soul there is no rest,
That screams to the heart, “There is no one
Who can this pain e’er understand.

Your path you’ll tread always alone
For none can love this crippled mind.”
But all lies lead to nowhere good
And truth is pain e’er for it cures
For first the mask must painfully peel
To show the face we think not real.

For the soul within us brightly shines
So much we fear the light divine
And hide within the dark we know
To escape the pain from which we grow.
But of all the lies in which we hide,
The one that hurt us most inside,

The one we most believe in our hearts,
Is the one that keeps us most apart.
For God did not us create alone
But gave us friends and loves ones here
To help us tread the dark paths home
And reach our goal in spite of fear.

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