Sacramental Thoughts

Sacramental Thoughts

Jeannie Musick

This poem came to me as I sat in Church and contemplated the sacrifice that the Savior made for all of us. As I have mentioned elsewhere in my website, I am quite religious. I believe in a pre-existence where we all lived prior to coming to earth. This poem deals with that state as we saw the Savior’s sacrifice.

As I sat with folded arms
And thought of Gethsemane,
The words passed through my mind again.
The same pictures I did see.

The Savior knelt, aside, alone.
In agony He prayed.
Rivulets of blood dripped from His face
As my soul He fought to save.

My mind began to wander then.
What else could I contemplate?
I had thought about Gethsemane
And I’d covered the Savior’s fate.

Then with a valiant effort,
(Or maybe inspired thought)
I wondered what I had done
When the tragic deed was wrought.

I saw myself with flowing tears
As I watched the awful sight.
And I vowed a hundred thousand vows,
As I watched Earth’s blackest night.

I never, no, I never will
Be the cause of all this pain.
My life will be a perfect one,
I’ll not be my Brother’s bain.

To think that I might add to Him
One moment of this night.
I love my Brother far too much
To cause a dearer price.

Then when my thoughts were mine again,
The tears began to come.
How could I then, have done the wrongs
So often I have done?

The pains He suffered at that time
Were not just the Pharisees’.
The awful horror now has struck,
Those sins belonged to me.

Oh Father- how deep the knowledge cuts!
My heart feels as if to break.
Help me to walk the straightest path,
For my Brother’s and my sake.


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