Thanksgiving Praises

Thanksgiving Praises

Jeannie Musick

When out upon the world we gaze
Tis’ easy now to see the maze
Of sin and strife and hopeless days
As man precedes in Satan’s way.
Yet Prophet stands and in his voice
Declares this time to be quite choice.

A time of warriors who do not fear
And to the Savior draw so near.
A generation turned to Him
Amidst a world or moral sin.
A peace that comes to those who know
His gospel taught to us below.

A gospel filled with family love
And blessings poured out from above:
The earth, the sea with beauty rife,
The sun, the moon, the gift of life
The warmth of day, the quiet night
The glorious sound, the blessed sight,

The fragrant smell, the gentle touch,
The quiet silence that comforts us,
The taste of sweet and spicy too,
The hand that reaches out to you,
The soul that touches yours for good,
The heart that sings as we all should,

The hopes of generations past,
The dreams and joys fulfilled at last,
The newborn soul placed in our arms
The playing child we shield from harm
The gifts of God around us shine,
The choicest things He has made mine.

To Him upon this day I raise
My gratitude to Him in praise,
For all I have has come from where
Our Father waits to talk in prayer
To each dear child He has sent here
In care of parents to hold them dear

Oh may my thoughts reach through the skies
And send my love to immortal eyes
And not forget my thanks to give
To Him who gave me life to live.
And praises to him evermore
Throughout the heavens forever soar.


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