As an author, I deal with story. I also deal with history. I weave fantasy with folklore into a fabric of archeology, religion, literature, botany, biology, genetics, psychology, geography, sociology, politics, and any other elements of life that I can find. I love to research.  But always remember, I am writing a story – a fantasy. The world must become very real to me and to my readers. However, when the book closes, we return to real life.

When I was young, my grandmother watched soap operas (translation: daytime dramas). She swore they were real. She hated the villains and if she had met one of them on the street, she would have treated the poor actor as if they were the actual character. Now, unlike my grandmother, no one can accuse me of being sane (mwhahahah), but at least I can tell my novels from reality.

I am not presenting the information on this page to discuss (or argue) whether or not Lilith lived or if the legends are true. I am presenting it to help you understand why Lilith hates the legends. My Lilith.

Because this page was getting so long, each legend will now have its own page.



Lilith as the First Wife of Adam

Lilith as an Immortal Demon

Lilith as the Origin of the Lullaby

Stories and Poems in Translation

Lilith Sources

Lilith Artwork Gallery

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