Rockabilly Vampire

Burnin' Love

19961 h 30 min

A woman obsessed with Elvis Presley is having problems with her job, her landlord and her landlord's scummy son. One day she meets a man who looks and dresses just like Elvis. She immediately falls in love, but there's one thing she doesn't realize--"Elvis" is a vampire.

Title Rockabilly Vampire
Tagline Burnin' Love
Director Lee Bennett Sobel
Runtime 1 h 30 min
Languages English
Movie Language English
Movie Rating Very bad
Starring: Stephen Blackehart, Paul Stevenson, Margaret Lancaster

Rockabilly Vampire is so bad, it is a must see. Take an Elvis wanna-be, add a reluctant vampire, then have him say prayer over his “meal.” Yup. You can’t help but groan. Interestingly enough, the prayer scene was done so much better in the TV series Blood Ties. We are so sorry Elvis. May you rest in peace.

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