Never compare a movie to the book it is based on. They are different creatures entirely – much like Michelangelo’s David and King David from the Bible. Each deserves its own life.
-Jeannie Musick

Books are such a great gift. If you are looking for something to enrich your life, here are some great possibilities. It’s always fun finding a new author so try some of these out. I’ll keep adding, I promise! And you send your comments with your best suggestions. Be sure to tell me a little about the book and why you love it.

There is a whole genre that exists that some would scoff at. And do. It includes all the monsters that seem more friendly to teenagers (although many of us read them in private). Of course this includes Stefanie Meyers entire Twilight Series. This are often put down with comments such as Stephen King’s quote: “Harry Potter teaches you how to face your fears, how to grow, how to become independent, how to accept who you are. Twilight teaches you how important it is to have a boyfriend.” While I do not disagree, I believe that there is a place for adolescent literature and I appreciate that both series managed to avoid dragging me through the mud with profanity and blatant sex. Yes, there was a difference in writing quality. But there is a fun niche for the family friendly monsters. So here is their home. Rate them, enjoy them, suggest new ones. Maybe you will find a little treasure. Most are light reads.

Seeing that I have all my degrees in Theatre, I MUST include movies and Television series here as well. There have been truly wonderful and magnificently horrible entries in both categories. I just have to include some of them. Have laughs or maybe just tears.

Remember, send comments with suggestions! Some menu items are empty and will fill as I add more reviews.



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