First three sections of Chapter Two

I have posted the first three sections of Chapter Two of Lilith: Book of Genesis on my website. I’ve switched things around so you can post comments with the manuscript. The benefit of following the website is you get to read the books as I finish the last editing prior to sending it to the editor. Your comments are really important so please share. They won’t appear immediately because I have software that works to filter out spam so they go through an approval to make sure the software is working properly. But all real comments will appear.

Thanks for all the support and please share the site with friends. Now is the time to read it for FREE.

Chapter One Beta Readers

Thanks to those who have turned in their comments. I am still missing several. The version of Chapter One that is up has been edited with their comments alone with comments from a professional author’s group that I belong to, so there are several important changes.

Again, please turn in your comments as I am about to move forward to Chapter Two. There won’t be a limitation on those I know by the way. 🙂

Thanks for your help!

Beta Readers reminder

Thanks to those who have volunteered to be Beta Readers. Just want to remind you that I need your comments as soon as possible. It isn’t a long chapter and I’m looking for basic reactions so don’t stress. But please do use the contact form to send those reactions.

I can still use a few more Beta Readers so if you want a sneak peak into the beginnings of Lilith, send me a note. Thanks again!

Beta Readers!

I am looking for 10 beta readers. I prefer 2nd generation – in other words people who don’t actually know me. I am curious about something in my first chapter and am getting ready to send the manuscript to an editor. Before I do, I would like feedback on the first chapter. For all my personal friends, please add this to your pages so I can get to those 2nd generation people. For those who want a sneak peek, please go to the contact form and send me a note with the title “Beta Reader”. I need to do this fairly soon, so please respond as quickly as possible. Thank you so very much!