First three sections of Chapter Two

I have posted the first three sections of Chapter Two of Lilith: Book of Genesis on my website. I’ve switched things around so you can post comments with the manuscript. The benefit of following the website is you get to read the books as I finish the last editing prior to sending it to the editor. Your comments are really important so please share. They won’t appear immediately because I have software that works to filter out spam so they go through an approval to make sure the software is working properly. But all real comments will appear.

Thanks for all the support and please share the site with friends. Now is the time to read it for FREE.

“Garden of Eden” Contest



So, Do You See What I See? Chapter 1 is available to read. How vivid is my world? Here is the contest.

“Garden of Eden” Contest



  • Read Chapter 1.
  • Create an artwork of Lilith in the Garden of Eden based on my description. Emphasis is on the Garden.
  • No frontal nudity.
  • August 8, 2013
  • Voting online from August 10 – 15, 2013
  • First Place: 16”x20” Canvas artists wrap of winning artwork and inclusion in Lilith Art Gallery on website. Value – $350
  • Second Place: 16”x20” print of artwork and inclusion in Lilith Art Gallery on website. Value – $181
  • Third Place: Inclusion in Lilith Art Gallery on website.
Send Submission to:

Progress Lilith: Book of Genesis


I’ve completed the rewrites on Chapter One and so far the Beta Readers seem to really like it.

The website is also expanding and I really need feedback. Please take the time to leave comments. Do you like what you are seeing? Would you like to see more or something different? Do you know of other sources? Do you disagree?

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Lilith Character and Art Contest

I’ve listed some of the principle characters in Lilith, Book of Genesis. Check out the character descriptions. Then get your talent together and create a portrait of one of the characters. If one of the paintings, drawings, sketches, etc. embodies one of the characters, the artist will win a canvas print of the art piece in exchange for letting me use it.

So get your reading glasses on and your pens, paintbrushes, chalk, gesso, or finger paints, ready!

Lilith, Book of Genesis – Characters