Geraint Wyn Davies Audio is UP

I finally have a good recording of the audio up on the website. I hope you enjoy it. Mr. Wyn Davies has a wonderful personality that comes through even with the Canadian/United States border in between. Be aware that the recording is LARGE and takes a while to load!

“And That Fresh Blood” – Geraint Wyn Davies Interview

Finally I have the interview page finished. Geraint was a delight to visit with and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. Because he has such a wonderful personality, I will be posting the actual audio. However, it will take me a few days to be able to do that. I’m not sure of the date, but I will have it up by July 9th at the latest. We just had so much fun, the interview went on a lot longer than I realized.

Thanks again to Geraint Wyn Davies! Please leave comments so he can see them.

Update on Geraint Wyn Davies Interview!

I’m learning just how long an hour interview is! I’ve been working madly on the transcription. I’m only halfway done but you deserve something for waiting so I am posting what is finished. The audio will take a few more days as it needs some cleanup. Don’t worry. Mr. Wyn Davis came through loud and clear. For some reason my phone didn’t pick me up very loud and the questions are very difficult to hear. I am working on enhancing the audio and will post it as soon as I can. I will finish the transcription before I complete the audio. I can’t promise tomorrow (because I have to work) but I will try.

Thanks for your patience. It was a fun interview and I hope you enjoy it.

New Information on Lilith

Lots of new information on Lilith as an Immortal Demon and Lilith as the Original of the Lullaby! Links, pictures, translations. Lots of fun stuff. Come get caught up on everything my Lilith would absolutely hate!


June Interview – Geraint Wyn Davies – Forever Knight

Congratulation to Matt Story for guessing our June guest interview. Indeed I am very excited to have Geraint Wyn Davies as the June Interview. I’ll be posting a lot to his page this month so be sure to follow the page (RSS Feed) to keep up and feel free to submit questions for the interview. I’ll select a few from readers to include in the interview.

Guest Interview Contest

We have an interview set for the end of June. I’m excited about the guest and will be asking for submissions for questions. I will choose a few of those questions to ask our guest. But first you have to guess who it is. I’m trying to think of a prize for the first person to guess. We had some people submit already and so far no luck. So submit your guess right away. Be sure to follow the webpage so you don’t miss clues.

Upcoming Interview!

We have our first confirmed interview which will be at the end of June. I’m very excited. However, the first won’t be an author. So now the guessing can begin.

First hint:

1. He is an actor

Second hint:

2. He has played a vampire.

Send questions you would like to have me ask. I will choose a few of those to add to the interview. Of course, you have to guess who it is first. 🙂 Hints will be forthcoming. Pass the word along and get others to follow this site and my Facebook.