Beta Readers reminder

Thanks to those who have volunteered to be Beta Readers. Just want to remind you that I need your comments as soon as possible. It isn’t a long chapter and I’m looking for basic reactions so don’t stress. But please do use the contact form to send those reactions.

I can still use a few more Beta Readers so if you want a sneak peak into the beginnings of Lilith, send me a note. Thanks again!

Beta Readers!

I am looking for 10 beta readers. I prefer 2nd generation – in other words people who don’t actually know me. I am curious about something in my first chapter and am getting ready to send the manuscript to an editor. Before I do, I would like feedback on the first chapter. For all my personal friends, please add this to your pages so I can get to those 2nd generation people. For those who want a sneak peek, please go to the contact form and send me a note with the title “Beta Reader”. I need to do this fairly soon, so please respond as quickly as possible. Thank you so very much!