It’s Alive!

After great tragedy, and a NUKE, the site is resurrected. You may notice the header picture still has not been replaced. Please forgive. That is the least of my concerns. There has been a Major revamp as an entire new theme was required, along with digging up the information from several sources including a corrupted database. But Lilith is resilient and she lives again. I am in progress of re-adding the book reviews so please forgive duplicates as none of the old links work.

Please browse the new setup. It is greatly streamlined and should resolve the problems that popped up before. While I have to redo all of the reviews, the wonderful interviews were NOT lost.


Well, technology strikes again. I was excited that the site had reached 1,204,452 hit today. Well actually yesterday – late. I’m up way to late again. And I simply don’t know what I did. I was working behind the scenes, and being a semi-retired theatrical director, I’m pretty good behind the scenes. I’ve also taught computer so I’m no idiot there. But something happened. And I just noticed that the hit counter has suddenly dropped to 0716. Be still my heart. I was working on automatically transferring posts to my Facebook author’s page. Argh! Okay everyone. I need you now more than ever. Come read my new stories and check out what is happening. And write! Send comments. Tell me how stupid my computer is. Sigh. I think I’ll go to bed.

New changes and content

Ever busy on the website and the book! I’ve broken up the blog sections into News and Jeannie’s Inferno so that they won’t get mixed up but they will both have the advantage of being most current first.

I’ve also added a Reviews section under About the Author –> Lilith: Book of Genesis . That way you can begin to get a feel of other’s comments about the book. I’ll be added as I go along. lol. I’m beginning to think the website is a full-time job!

Now off to my writers group!