‘Vampire Chronicles’ Series in Development at Paramount TV, Anonymous Content

For those of us that grew up on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Variety‘s Announcement on April 28, 2017 was long past due but deserving of fireworks. There have been many fun/gory/vapid vampire series, but, as Variety puts it, “Anne Rice has created the paradigm against which all vampire stories are measured.” It is only fitting that the Queen of Vampire stories should finally find them reaching out to a new generation in the ultimate medium of that generation. Well, non-gaming medium. Still, a word to those who haven’t read the book, pick them up. The pleasure of the page will only enhance your experience.

Well, I have keep my fingers crossed and waited. The companies optioned 11 books from the Vampire Chronicles series. That doesn’t really mean ANYTHING! Once you are as old as I am and acquainted with the ways of the world, you will realize that. So I have quietly waited, watching the flowering to see if anything would happen. Hollywood is that way. However, now there are signs of FRUIT. My Twitter account tweeted me. Yes. The Pilot is written. We did lose a major player as Bryan Fuller left the project; however, we have suddenly jumped forward into the realm of probability! I can breathe.

Now Anne is keeping it in the family. Her son, four-time New York Times Bestselling author Christopher Rice is writing the series and will executive produce the series with Anne herself. Could you ask for more?

If you are behind the curve and just finding out about the TV series, here are a few links to articles to catch you up. But come back. We have more to discuss.

‘Vampire Chronicles’ Series in Development at Paramount TV, Anonymous Content
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For those of us who were around when Interview with Vampire came out on the big screen, we remember that Anne Rice was none too pleased at the announcement that Tom Cruise was cast as Lestat. Hersey had been committed. I was trying to remember who it was she wanted. I found somewhere it was Rutger Hauer. If that was the case, I can understand her thoughts. A few years earlier in LadyHawke, he had many perfect traits for Lestat. However, once Anne had seen the movie, she decided that Tom Cruise was perfect in the role. He definitely carried the Brat Prince far better than Stuart Townsend, who had the sensuality and threat but not the vigor.

This time around Anne & Christopher Rice are taking feedback from the fans on who should play Lestat. Understand that Lestat is a character VERY close to Anne’s heart. She has said that he represents her husband, Stan Rice, and herself. You can’t get much more personal. NO VAMPIRE HUNTERS. That isn’t what she meant.

Here is the wording of their post. I will give the link below

And while we still have time, time to dream, time to argue, time to have fun, who do you want to play Lestat? Of course, I’ve asked that question many times — but perhaps you’ve seen some one new recently. Let’s just have fun with it. We’re a long way from serious casting, of course. But who knows what comes from sharing our wildest dreams?

WOW! What an offer. LOL. There have been some great suggestions already. As you are thinking, realize that an actor CAN change the color of their hair. Think about structure of face, body, acting ability, carriage. Don’t get trapped by roles they have already played. Think about their range. Are they always the same or can they play anything? Just because they have worn fangs, doesn’t mean they will become Lestat.

And here is what we know about Lestat:

  • He was turned around 21-23 years old
  • 6 feet tall
  • Rather curly, blonde hair that is not quite shoulder length (appears white under fluorescent lighting – special effects problem)
  • Gray eyes that reflect the colors of blue or violet
  • Short, narrow nose
  • Well-shaped mouth, a little large for his face, extremely expressive (he states it can look very mean or extremely generous, but always sensual)
  • Face is continuously animated
  • Movement is sensual
  • In short – he must be beautiful
  • Extremely aristocratic and arrogant
  • Conceited, privileged, and entitled
  • Egotistical and takes great pride in the title “Brat Prince”
  • Performer and drinks in adulation
  • Beneath it all, he is a tortured
  • He is fascinated by humanity, capable of love, and can be savage
  • The thing is almost never is, is neutral

Here are some people who have been suggested already:

  • Tom Cruise – okay stop. Tom did a great job. But he is 55 years old. Hardly the “young man” that Lestat is. And if the show lasts (as we hope it will) Lestat will have some explaining to do as he grinds into his 60s.
  • Jared Leto – possible – but the 46 is going start getting older and older
  • Douglas Booth – 25
  • Alexander Skarsgard – hmm, the 41 is a little problem
  • Ezra Miller – 25
  • Kivanc Tatlitug – 34
  • Michael Dean (model) – 20
  • Dacre Montgomery – 23
  • Tony Regbo – 26

Now, if we were going to go with a 40 year old, perhaps we should just look to Christopher Rice. Sure, he doesn’t have blonde hair, but that could be fixed. Maybe you haven’t seen his picture yet. LOL.

Go to The Vampire Chronicles Facebook and post your suggestions with a picture of the actor (if possible). Who knows, you may impact the series! And be sure to comment here as well. I’d love to know why you think someone would be good. The director in me would love to know.


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